Theme : Celebrating Diversity

Date : 30th July – 1st August 2015

Venue : SM Sains Muzaffar Syah, Melaka, Malaysia

Participation from each school : 4 students, 1 teacher

Registration fee* for each school : USD 200.00 per school


Given the culturally diverse nature of the region, an alliance bringing schools from different South East Asian countries together will also enrich the cross-cultural learning of the students, bringing the youths together to learn and work together.
Thus, the formation of the Strategic Educational Alliance of SE Asian Schools (SEA2).

What is SEA2 about?

SEA2 aims to bring established schools from Southeast Asia together to create greater synergy between educators and students in the region.


To establish a structured platform for like-minded education institutions in the Southeast Asian region to work together
To provide extended opportunities for students from across the region to work and play together, through experiential learning programmes, students’ forums, etc.
In the long run, to provide a platform for member institutions to further reach out to schools in the other regions such as NE Asia, Europe, etc.


Optimal synergy of leaders in education in Southeast Asia to make a purposeful difference to the students in the region.


To bring education leaders together in a cross-cultural network with respectful partnership and exchange of expertise
To bring students together for a better world

A Boarding School Wing

It is also proposed that the alliance members that are boarding schools form a boarding school wing.

Boarding schools provide boarders with the valuable experience of living in a home away from home, growing up with young people of different backgrounds and cultures. A boarding school wing in the alliance enhances the collaboration between boarding schools, sharing knowledge on adding value to the boarders’ stay experience and enriching their learning.

The boarding facilities that the boarding schools offer may also value-add to the other member schools during joint learning journeys across the Southeast Asian region.

Outreach of SEA2

SEA2 aims to reach out to both the alliance member schools and members of the public through:

(a) A SEA2 website

(b) Online SEA2 newsletters

Membership by Invitation

1. As the aim of SEA2 is for alliance members to work with like-minded institutions to enrich the students’ cross-cultural experience as well as the staff members’ professional sharing, it is important that the membership is by invitation to established institutions in the region.

2. As SEA2 aims to bring education institutions together to co-create knowledge in a culturally diverse region, all alliance members are encouraged to take part in sharing and activities for staff and students planned and co-organised by SEA2.

Obligations of SEA2 Members

Members of the Alliance are

1. To demonstrate commitment to work towards the same goal of the alliance.
2. To participate in international exchanges within the alliance network.
3. To designate an alliance representative (Principal, Vice-principal or Head of Department or equivalent) who is the primary contact.
There is no membership fee to be an alliance member, but travelling expenses for learning journeys and conferences must be borne by the participating schools. SEA2 members will also take turns to host the conferences. The host school may charge the SEA2 member participants a nominal fee to cover the cost of organising the event.